Make Some Maps

This is a collection of my favorite (mostly free) resources that allow you to play with maps, data, and cartography.

I just wanna play around
  • Google Maps
    • Duh. I’ve spent way too much time on this. Probably why I’m here now.
      • Favorite challenge: Pick a place in the world, like your grandma’s house or that ice cream shop in Italy and zoom straight in on it without ever zooming back out.
  • ArcGIS Online (ESRI)
  • Strava
    • Use this on your smartphone to map anything you do as you move around doing stuff. It’s made for working out, but really it’s just a GPS tracker with some social buttons. Free and simple!
I wanna actually make some legit stuff
  • ColorBrewer
    • Awesome tool for picking colors on your maps that will look good and function well. Make sure to check the box that says “colorblind safe”.
  • EPA dasymetric toolbox
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